Are You Wasting Your Time?

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Let’s face it. We ADD Moms are pretty good at making time fly.

Sorry. I couldn’t resist. 😉

Anyway, we are very good at making time fly when we’re doing something we enjoy.

Pinning on Pinterest, posting on FaceBook, just catching up online. And there’s more – playing games, talking on the phone or texting, just hanging out and not really doing anything.

But when we are put in a position where we don’t want to be or are not interested – like in a meeting or waiting in line – time just drags by. Even at work, you can feel as though your workday is a 100 hours long. And do any 2 workdays fly by as quickly as the weekend?

So yes, I guess we’ve established that we do waste our time sometimes.

Now the question is – what do we do about it?

Well you know what they say on all those rehab shows – the first step is admitting that you have a problem.

And of course you need to be willing to work on a solution.

Many of the things we waste our time on are fun things, treats really that should be saved for when your chores for the day are done and you have some free time. Really, would you let your kids get away with the stuff that you let yourself do?

It’s all about moderation. Something else we may not be so good at.

Allow yourself to have some fun doing the things you enjoy, just make sure that you are making equal time for the ones you may not enjoy but need to accomplish. So attending a boring meeting or mopping the kitchen floor can be rewarded with a half hour or so of computer time – or whatever you like.

I know you hate getting to the end of your day and feeling like you haven’t done anything productive. Discipline yourself a bit more and you won’t feel that way anymore, plus you’ll actually be getting stuff done. A win/win for sure.

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