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It seems that when summer starts coming to a close and the new school year is approaching, everyone gets interested in being more organized and time efficient. That’s especially true if you have kids in school, but even if you don’t, September is sort of like clean slate time.

I haven’t been posting here much lately – too many changes going on in my life made it hard for me to adjust.

But the prospect of September arriving and the idea of getting my act together has given me some motivation.

I’ve been talking to a new friend lately who is feeling overwhelmed in her life, and looking to get things under control for the school year. We’re going to work together and try to help each other out. I’ll be sharing our ideas and results here.

Once I feel more like my old self and back in control again, I’d like to start an informal group helping you with the same issues of time management and organization. I’ll post more details later when I have them, but in the meantime, I’d love to hear what you’d like to know or work on.

My subscribers will get the first chance to join (free of charge) so (hint, hint) if you’re not a subscriber now, maybe you’d like to sign up. (For my current subscribers, I’m back there too, so expect a newsletter soon. And I’m always looking for ideas to write about, so share!)

Thanks for being here for me.

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