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As ADD Moms, our lives are always busy. And since we do have ADHD, things can easily take over or get out of hand.

I am always looking for ways to manage my time more effectively, so that I can feel as though things are done (for now at least) and I can relax a little.

Here are some timely tips that can help you manage your time more effectively and maybe find some time for yourself, too.

Limit your to do list Take a good look at your to do list. Can you realistically get all of that done today? Probably not. You still have to eat and sleep, you know. And didn’t someone mention something about a family? They might want some of your time, too.

Cut your list down to 4 or 5 items. YES – 4 or 5 – no more. Find the most important ones and concentrate on getting those done. Put the other items on your dump list. (That’s the list you keep of everything in your head so you can get it out of your head and onto a piece of paper to be done at a later date.)

Get some sleep You need your sleep – I don’t know a single super hero who doesn’t. You are no different. Go to bed at a reasonable hour and get enough sleep. Your ADHD symptoms and your family will thank you.

Delegate No, you really don’t need to do it all. Get help. Ask for it. Demand it if you have to. And once you get the help, don’t micro manage them. Let them do it their way; it doesn’t have to be yours. Really.

Don’t worry, be happy A positive attitude will help you get through the worst days. Being grumpy or stressed doesn’t help the situation get any better and makes you feel worse.

Kick perfection to the curb Nothing is ever perfect nor will it ever be. Get over it and learn to appreciate imperfection in all it’s glory. Practice good enough instead.

It’s a circle thing Most things in life get done over and over again. Wash the dishes today and they’ll need washing again tomorrow. You can never really get “all’ of the laundry done – unless you make your family walk around nude while you wash everything, there will always be dirty clothes. Keep things at a manageable level and understand that you’re going to need to work to keep it that way.

Live life Keeping order is important, and as moms, it’s usually up to us. Don’t get lost in the process, though, and forget to enjoy your life and your wonderful family while you can.

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Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle is the writer of Lacyestelle.com and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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