Wasting Time

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How many ways do you waste time?

I’m not suggesting that you do it on purpose. Those of us with ADHD, with our ability to be easily distracted, waste time without even knowing it.

Here are a few places that you might be wasting time:

Online Need I say more? Facebook, Twitter, checking your email – it all adds up, sometimes to hours wasted.

Solution: make time spent online a reward for something you’ve accomplished and set a timer to make you more aware of the time you’re using.

Television Television is the ultimate time waster. It doesn’t matter if you’re the one watching it or if you are interested in what’s on; somehow it sucks you in anyway.

Solution: Turn it off more often, don’t leave it on for “background noise”, and get out of it’s range until you do what needs to be done.

Other people When you have others around you, they can easily distract you from what you’re doing. You get caught up in an overheard conversation or engage in one. You get caught up watching what someone else is doing. Even the presence of family members in your home can be distracting enough to keep you either off task or make you less productive than you might be.

Solution: When you have something to do that needs your full attention, minimize your contact with others. Shut the door, find an empty room, get the family out of the house for a while.

The phone If you met my daughter Caitlin, you would instantly understand how distracting phones can be. She has her cell phone permanently attached to her. Making calls, receiving them, texting – it’s the perfect tool for ADDers.

Solution: Turn your phone or the ringer off for a while. That’s why you have voicemail. Group the calls you need to make together. If you have to, put your phone in another room for a while.

The next time you feel as though you don’t have enough time in your day, take a look and see if you are wasting time with one of these time wasters.

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