What’s Wrong with Putting Yourself First?

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Last weekend, I asked a serious question on Facebook:

Serious question here: why do most women fail to take care of themselves? We put ourselves last, ignore our needs; why? Truly trying to make some sense of this. Comments welcome!

I got some interesting answers, most of them similar to one another.

Here are a few snippets:

Our culture doesn’t value us.

from DeShawn

Because it has been ingrained in us that we are suppose to take care of others first and then ourselves…and by that time we are too tired too drained to do something for ourselves.

from Kyna

We are taught to take care of others and their need & some where during the process of doing it all, for others, we forgot about our own needs ..

from Bonnie

Because good girls take care of others first ;( That is a notion we have all bought in to. By the time we realize we have neglected the most important person in our lives, time has run out. Breast cancer is energetically and metaphorically tied to nurturing others to the point we are sick and depleted ourselves. It’s hard to adopt a new way to be…but doable. Our lives depend on it!

from Paula

What do you think?

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