Spring Cleaning: A Checklist and More

Spring Cleaning_ A Checklist and More!

  Spring Cleaning Do people still do spring cleaning or is it an old fashioned idea that really isn’t relevant anymore? For me, spring cleaning is still a thing, and I have a checklist (and more) to prove it! Actually, I do both spring cleaning and cleaning in the fall. Why didn’t fall cleaning ever […]

A Natural Solution for Better Brain Function

A Natural Solution for Better Brain Function

Note: this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on the link to purchase a product, I get a small compensation from the seller; it does not affect your price. You can read more here. What’s Better Than Natural? If I told you that I had a natural solution that would help […]

Do You Identify as ADHD?

Do You Identify as ADHD?

How Do You Think of Yourself? We hear a lot these days about how people “identify” themselves; most of the time, it’s about gender. I’m not here to open that conversation, but I do have a question for you: Do you identify as ADHD? That is, when you think about yourself, do you automatically include […]

Lost, Not Found

Lost, Not Found ADHD and forgetfulness

Edit: 3/15/19. I just made a few updates – changing “Palm Pilot” to cell phone, for one. And no, I never found the rings. Losing Things I’ve just spent the last two hours searching for my mom’s wedding rings. My mom passed away on this date 2 years ago, and I’ve been told that I […]

Leaving the ADD Lane

In my last post, I talked about living life in the ADD Lane – scheduling too much into your day and then frantically trying to get it all done, usually at the last minute. Here are some tips to get you out of the ADD Lane more often: Realize that you have a tendency to […]