Driving with ADHD

When you have ADHD driving can be dangerous. I was reminded of this today as I was driving home from the store. A car two cars in front of me had those televisions installed for the kids in the back seat. It looked like they were on but not showing anything so all I saw […]


If you follow me on Facebook, you would know that yesterday I spent the greater part of it in my car running errands (including a kind of creepy part when this undercover police car from Wisconsin kept showing up everywhere I went. I live in Indiana.) I bet I drove 100 miles or more yesterday, […]

Know Your ADD Symptoms

As you know, my ADD symptoms have been giving me trouble lately. I’m still taking a look at what I might need to change in terms of lifestyle (or where I’ve gone astray) so that I can get back on track. It’s important that you really get to know your ADD symptoms so that you […]