Does Your Brain Suck at Self Management?

Does your Brain Suck at Self Management? An ADD Woman

Self Management and Your Brain I can hear you already. Of course your brain sucks at self management! Or maybe you’re thinking, “It’s my brain? And all this time I thought it was me.”. Self management, when it comes to your brain, is called executive function. Sounds pretty fancy, huh? It turns out that executive […]

Taming the Mile Long To Do List

It is the end of 2014 and all day I’ve tried to bring things that belong in this year to an end. One of those things was to write this post. I’ve been around much lately due to my dad’s poor health, but this is my place to share with you and I wanted to […]

6 Skills to Master

Yesterday we talked about Your Brain on ADHD and how poor Executive Functioning skills can make things harder for you. In fact, many of the problems associated with ADHD are directly related to Executive Functioning skills or rather, a lack of them. Today let’s talk about 6 skills to master to help you compensate for your […]

Your Brain on ADHD

Your brain on ADHD might not be the most interesting topic to read about, but it is an important one. Learning about your brain and how it functions can help you to understand your ADHD better and show you that it’s not you, it’s your brain. Executive function is a series of mental processes that […]

Executive Function

When you get a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder (in any of it’s forms) you might also find out that you have poor executive functioning. Executive function refers to the brain’s ability to manage more than one thing at a time. Think of yourself as a large company with many functions and departments. Your brain […]

Exercise and ADHD

Did you know that exercise has been proven to have positive effects on ADHD symptoms? It’s been proven by research scientists. Exercise, especially cardio – that gets the heart pumping – has been shown to elevate the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. These chemicals monitor external stimuli and our responses to them. […]