1 Word: Your Focus for the Year

Your Word for the Year Do you choose a word for the year? Many people, including me, choose a word as their focus for the year. They keep that word in mind throughout the year as they make choices and decisions for themselves. Last year, for instance, my word was “me”. I recognized that I […]

Starting Off a New Year:2019

starting off a new year 2019 an add woman

It’s Almost 2019! In just a few days, 2018 will be over and we will be starting off a new year. Was 2018 good to you? I think that overall, it was for me; certainly better than the year before. A Time for Reflection The end of the year – or the end of anything […]

About Those Resolutions…

It’s January 4. Did you make your New Years Resolutions on the 1st like everyone else? Those of us who are ADD Moms often feel that our list of things to improve should be longer than everyone else’s because of our ADHD. Martha Beck, the life coach from O magazine has some great ideas for […]

Keeping Those New Years Resolutions

Did you make New Years resolutions this year? And if you did, how are you doing with them? It’s almost 3 weeks into the new year. Have you abandoned your resolutions already? This whole idea of keeping or maintaining New Years resolutions is part of a discussion over at Life Well Lived at BlogHer. You […]