Diet and ADHD

The other day as I was Pinteresting, I found a pin that seemed to promote eating homemade sauerkraut as a way to help ADHD symptoms. Interesting. Worth a look. The pin lead to an article¬†on Progressive that discussed ways that nutrition and diet can affect ADHD symptoms. If you’ve been a reader of this […]

ADHD Friendly Snacks

What? You never thought of food as being ADHD friendly (or not)? Really? Let’s see…. choose a snack: a bag of chips and a cola or celery sticks with hummus and bottled water. Which do you think would be better for your brain? All brains need good food and healthy lifestyles in order to function […]

Anxiety Fighting Foods

Anxiety is one of ADHD’s best friends. It seems that anxiety and/or depression often show up with Attention Deficit Disorder. Dealing with anxiety can truly be a challenge. It can be hard to get through everyday life when you are continuously anxious and fearful. For years I have recommended a good healthy lifestyle including a […]

Supplementing Your ADHD

Whether or not you take medication for your Attention Deficit Disorder, you can benefit from natural methods to treat your symptoms. Some are basic, like getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet rich in lean protein. There are also vitamin and mineral supplements that may help your ADHD symptoms. Here are 4 you might […]

Fish Oil for ADHD

I recently mentioned to someone that she might consider adding fish oil supplements to her diet to help her ADHD symptoms. When I started taking high quality fish oil, I noticed an immediate change in the way I felt and the way my brain worked. However, it’s important to note that not all fish oils […]