Chicken and Rice

Pantry meals are a Friday feature. If you like the recipe, buy the ingredients and keep them in your pantry. When you have one of those days when there’s nothing to eat or you’re short on time, pull out the ingredients and put it together. Dinner in a flash! I am a from scratch kind […]

Tuscan Bean Soup

Today I am starting a new feature here at ADD Moms called Pantry Meals. All moms, ADD or not, have days when things get out of control and they find themselves searching for something for dinner with not much in the house. Each Friday I will provide a recipe for a quick and easy pantry […]

Feeding the Family with ADHD

The other day I told someone the story about the time I invited 10 people to Christmas dinner and realized around midnight on Christmas eve that I hadn’t been to the grocery store in about 2 weeks. No milk, no eggs, no bread – much less turkey and the trimmings. And let me tell you, […]