I Need a USB in My Brain


Imagine if You Had Extra Storage for Your Brain What if we could install a USB port in our brain and then stick a thumb drive in there and download a bunch of stuff onto it? Like when you’re still awake at 2:00 a.m. and your mind is going in a thousand different directions. You […]

Are You Phone Phobic?

That might seem to be a silly question when everyone you know has a cellphone, but those of us with ADHD often have trouble talking on the phone, especially when it’s a business type of call. When you have ADHD, it can be hard to conduct a conversation, remember all of the things that you […]

Are You Phone Phobic?

phone phobic an add woman

Anyone who knows me well knows how much I avoid the phone. I rarely call anyone other than my kids. Even my weekly call to my dad is stressful for me. I didn’t connect this phone phobia of mine with my ADHD until I read Sandy Maynard’s article today on the ADDitude Magazine website. Apparently […]