Stop Focusing on the Deficit

When we think and talk about ADHD, we tend to focus on the deficit, and then we wonder why we have poor self esteem. You know that I’m always talking about saying good things about yourself and to yourself. And I remind you how the primitive part of your brain believes everything you tell it and […]

Operation Beautiful

Do you know how beautiful you are? Caitlin Boyle does. Caitlin Boyle is the catalyst behind Operation Beautiful. Operation Beautiful is the title of Caitlin’s book and the name of her website. But it’s so much more. Operation Beautiful is a movement; a positive, wonderful, inspiring movement that every female in the world needs to […]

How Can We Change Your Life?

Yes, I know resolutions are for January 1st, not February 10th, but still…. how can we change your life? I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about my life – what I want to change and how. My big thing right now is taking better care of myself. One of the reasons that I […]