What Goes First?

The other day I was looking for something in our downstairs bathroom closet, and because I had to move things around, I got the urge to pull it all out and organize it. Have you ever done that? Sometimes it works, and sometimes you just have a big mess on the floor. As ADDers, we […]

What You Want and What You’re Doing

As ADD Moms, we often feel overwhelmed by all that we have to do and keep track of. We never seem to have enough hours in the day to get everything done. Now you know that we’re time wasters. Facebook, email, television, talking on the phone – all time wasters for the most part. We […]

Whats Important to You?

As ADD Moms, we are in charge of taking care of our families. We get people where they need to be, hopefully on time. We make the meals and provide clean clothes to wear and generally keep everything running. At least we try. As ADD Moms, those kinds of things can be hard for us […]