Hello Again!

Bet you’re wondering where I’ve been. I haven’t been around much since my dad got sick in early December. He is home now after a month+ in the hospital. Hopefully things will get back to normal now – or at least our version of normal. 😉 I’m changing up a few things on the blog […]

The Order of Our Days

  31 Day Challenge: Day 29 When you were a little girl, did you ever have a set of those panties with the days of the week on them? Or maybe when you got older you had something with the rhymes about washing on Monday and ironing on Tuesday. When my husband and I were […]

Taking Control of Your Week

My Sunday Night Plan is a life saver for me. Not only that; I enjoy the process and the results. A few quiet minutes on a Sunday reviewing your week ahead smoothes out the next seven days. No more surprises, no more last minute adjustments; you will be in total control. Even if something unexpected […]

How Sunday Can Equal Sanity

I am writing this on Sunday evening. OK. I lied. It’s almost 11:00pm Sunday night. Still, the idea that I’m about to suggest is a good one. And I promise, I did do the actual part this afternoon. It’s called the Sunday Night Plan. And I call it that even though you can do it […]