Out of Order

Out of order can mean a couple of different things. On the one hand, out of order can mean that something isn’t working. When the Diet Coke machine is out of order, we can get really frustrated because we can’t get our fix. 🙂 Out of order can also mean that things have been taken […]

Changes and ADHD

You may have noticed that it has been a while since I’ve posted anything new. That’s because of the changes that have been happening in my life. Good changes – my husband going back to work and not so good changes – he got put on the midnight shift. You know that I have ADHD, […]

Transitions, Structure, and ADHD

I’ve often written about how children with ADHD have a difficult time with transitions, and how they benefit from having some structure in their lives. The same is true when you are an adult with ADHD. We need structure in our lives, too, and we have a hard time making transitions. (Don’t think so? How […]