3 Ways to Make Some Time for You

I think that it’s appropriate to talk about taking time for yourself on Mother’s Day. And yes, I know it’s Mother’s Day evening as I write this, and that you may be reading it after Mother’s Day and that you might not even be a mom. All of that is OK. The important thing is […]

5 Herbs That Can Help ADHD Symptoms

There are a good number of people who choose to use natural remedies rather than medications, not only for their ADHD, but for other things as well. I like having the choice of either/or, and usually opt for the natural cure if it works for me. I have studied the medicinal use of herbs – […]

Anxiety: My Secret Weapons

Anxiety is one of the many gifts that you may receive along with Attention Deficit Disorder. And like ADHD, it may be mild or severe, depending on variables like your general health and the environment around you. My daughter Caitlin suffers from acute anxiety; my anxiety is far milder yet seems to be present far […]