Do You Have a Friend?

Making and keeping friends can sometimes be difficult for people with Attention Deficit Disorder. We often have poor social skills and can be too intense or too distracted for others to deal with.

Having a friend or two who gets you, though, can be one of the best things you can do for yourself.

It helps to have someone who understands you, or who at least supports you.

When you’re having a bad day or need someone to help you through a problem, a friend can be a priceless asset. A friend can get you through the tough times and celebrate the good ones with you.

If you don’t have a friend that supports you, don’t stop looking and don’t let your ADHD hold you back from reaching out to others. You may find a friend where you least expect it.

P.S. I’ve been gone for a few days on a vacation with some of my friends. We went here.

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I am an ADHD Expert, Coach, and Consultant. I want you to learn how to celebrate your life with ADHD too.


  1. Great post – I’m going through this right now, where I have moved and am needing to make new friends. It’s tough!

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