How Essential Oils Can Help ADHD

Pure therapeutic grade essential oils, like doTERRA can be useful in treating ADHD symptoms because they contain small (natural) chemical components that can cross the blood - brain barrier and directly treat the brain. The University of Maryland Medical Center did some research on lavender … [Read more...]

Jeddy’s Blend

The following is a review for Jeddy's Blend. I am giving it of my own free will. I did not receive the product for free or for review and was not asked to review it. I found the product through a blog I read frequently and wanted to try it for myself. I actually asked if I could share this with … [Read more...]


You may have noticed this new logo on my site. The logo belongs to doTERRA Essential Oils. I have used essential oils in the past for things like headaches and calming or relaxing; I recently found an oil that I am using for my ADHD. More on that in a later post. The doTERRA logo on my site … [Read more...]