100 Days to Christmas! Gasp!

First of all, relax. It's a little more than 100 days to Christmas. That begins September 16. ;) No, what I'm talking about is today's release of this years Christmas planning ebook from Jennifer at ListPlanit. If you hop over there NOW and buy it today, you get it for FIVE … [Read more...]

Checklists to Remember

ADDers are really good at forgetting things. We do it all the time. I once invited 10 people over for Christmas dinner and forgot to go grocery shopping. Checklists can be a great way to help us remember what we need to do, especially when it's things that we do often or that require a lot of … [Read more...]


I was watching one of those home remodeling shows the other day where neighbors compete against one another for a prize. One of the competitors, whose mom was also in the contest, said that she had an advantage because she was so organized. Honestly, at that point, they could have turned the show … [Read more...]