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I was watching one of those home remodeling shows the other day where neighbors compete against one another for a prize. One of the competitors, whose mom was also in the contest, said that she had an advantage because she was so organized.

Honestly, at that point, they could have turned the show over to her as far as I was concerned. Forget remodeling your kitchen; how do you stay on top of everything?

This woman’s husband called her a bit anal, and they showed all of the lists, notebooks, and sticky notes she had. I was envious.

If the thought of someone making a list for you makes you envious too, then I may have just what you are looking for: ListPlanIt.

ListPlanIt’s tagline is “lists to put your world in order”. Ahhh….. yes, please.

You have to visit this site to see the sheer number of lists that are available for you. You can print the lists, or download them; I’m not sure of the difference, but the price is very reasonable ($20-30 per year).

Right now, through Mother’s Day, if you purchase a membership, you get a gift certificate to pass on to someone else.

And while you’re there, you might want to sign up for the free newsletter and get a free list or planner page with your subscription, plus great tips on organizing your life.

I’m on my way now!

Note: I was not asked to do this review, nor do I make any money from it. I just thought it was a great resource and wanted to pass it on.

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