Lets Talk ADD

As much enthusiasm as I have for this site, and this subject, lately I feel as though I’m in a rut. So I’d like your feedback on a couple of things. You can use the comment form to reply (it’s much easier than it used to be) or you can email me. What resources concerning […]

Pursuing Sleep with ADHD

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? I think lots of people with Attention Deficit Disorder do. I think it’s because your mind has nothing to distract or entertain it, and it’s probably the first time all day that you’ve had some peace and quiet to just think. So that’s what you do. Your mind […]

Bad for Me, Good for You

I am running a special on some of my products (see below). Please note that to buy at the SPECIAL SALE PRICE you need to click the link at the bottom of this post. The links to the product pages will give you a description of each product, but they are priced at their normal […]

The Not A Homemaker Post

Every time (like tonight) that I post something to do with homemaking, I feel like I’m neglecting a certain portion of my readers. I know that I have men who read my blog, and maybe women who already have a clean house or a housekeeper or who aren’t interested. I just wanted to point out […]

A Clean House and ADD

Last weekend, my husband mentioned to me that his father and brother were coming to visit this weekend. In the past, that would have meant that, despite a week’s notice, I would have waited until today to begin cleaning. Cleaning would have involved a mad, frantic sweep through the house, throwing stuff in closets, and […]

Work Your ADD

You know, people are always complaining about how their ADD brain works – they’ve got too many things on their mind, they’re always jumping from here to there. But with a little practice, you can learn to use those same ADD tendencies to your advantage. Here’s an example: I make “dinner” every day at lunch […]