Fish Oil for ADHD

I recently mentioned to someone that she might consider adding fish oil supplements to her diet to help her ADHD symptoms. When I started taking high quality fish oil, I noticed an immediate change in the way I felt and the way my brain worked. However, it’s important to note that not all fish oils […]

ADHD: Back to Basics

Monday night, September 13, I will be hosting a free call about managing life with ADHD, and as the name suggests, it will be going back to basics. The call will have a lot of valuable information for you to put to use in your life now. It is also an introduction to a new […]

FREE Call: Back to Basics – Managing Life with ADHD

I know this is short notice, but I wanted to let you know that I am doing a FREE call on Monday, September 13 all about getting back to basics and learning to manage our lives with ADHD. I will be covering things like keeping the house clean, managing paperwork, managing your time, organizing and […]

You and Your ADHD

You know that a lot of things can affect your ADHD: your diet, how much sleep you get, if you have a cold, your hormones, etc. But your ADHD doesn’t exist outside of you, or separate from the rest of you; all of you is one big system and everything affects everything else. For instance, […]