10 Second Projects

Take a look around you. How many little things are piled up around your house? And by little things I mean the ones that would only take seconds to take care of or clean up. For instance, right now there are numerous tools in my kitchen floor and on the counter. A quick pick up, […]

1 Plan + 1 Hour = More Organized

With the right plan, an hour or so, and some stick to it-ness, your house can become more organized and less cluttered. Now I’m not saying one hour will get the whole house done – who are you? Superwoman? What I am saying is that setting aside about an hour’s worth of time a couple […]

Boosting the Effects of Vitamin D

ADHD is sort of like Justin Bieber. It never travels alone; it always has an entourage. Many times, one of the hangers on is depression. Depression and ADHD seem to pair well with one another. When you live with ADHD, it’s not so easy to feel good about yourself. In fact, it’s easier to feel […]

Write it Down So You Don’t Remember

I have a very dear friend (with ADHD) who came up with that classic quote. Each year a few of us get together to do Halloween in a big way. We dress up as witches and decorate like crazy. It gets bigger each year. The whole neighborhood knows about our tradition and comes by each […]

How Does Your ADHD Affect You?

I think that all of us who have ADHD hold back a little part of who we really are unless we are among people we are comfortable with. For instance, the day my daughter Sarah put a pot lid on her head and pretended it was a hat – in front of her boyfriend – […]

The 15 Minute Sweep

Do you remember the movie “The Stepmom“? There was a scene in that movie that was a revelation for me. No, not when Susan Sarandon’s character found out she had cancer or when she realized she was going to have to accept Julia Roberts character as her children’s step-mom. Nope. It was when she had […]