The Importance of Mindfulness


For the past few weeks a friend of mine has been losing things. Important things, like the only set of car keys she has or her glasses. And in both cases, it took days before they turned up. She’s got a lot on her mind right now, which may help explain things. This morning I […]

How Many Calendars Do You Keep?

If you consult someone like a personal organizer, an ADD Coach, or a time management expert, they will tell you that you should only keep one calendar. Using more than one opens up the possibility of double booking a day or forgetting something because you looked at the wrong calendar. Just a few weeks ago, […]

Entertaining the ADHD Way

This weekend, this guy came to visit. He brought his mom (my daughter) too. Now you may not think that having your daughter and grandson come to visit would cause anxiety. But for me, it does. It’s even worse when my son-in-law comes along. I never feel like my house is good enough or clean […]