Are You Taking Your Vitamin D?

This time of year is perfect for depression, especially for those of us in the Northern hemisphere. And the farther north you get, the worse it is. A lot of it has to do with the weather. Cold and gray. We tend to stay indoors more and there isn’t enough sunshine to help brighten our […]

The Planner Chronicles Continued

So the last time we talked about my quest to find the perfect planner, I mentioned that I had challenged myself to make the perfect one with just stuff I had around the house. I have at least 3 or 4 planner binders, tons of spiral notebooks, and a couple of bound journals all waiting […]

Mental Disorders in Children Infographic

Brandon from Top Masters in Education created this wonderful info graphic about ADHD and other mental conditions. It’s about children, but I’m sure you can find something informative in it as well. Source:

The Planner Chronicles

Each January (and other times throughout the year) I get what I call planner fever. I have this idea that there is one perfect planner out there and if I can just find it, my whole life will fall into place. Last year I used an Erin Condren planner. I liked the way it was […]

Happy 2014!

Can you believe that it’s 2014 already? The last half of the year goes by so quickly! Did you make some resolutions this year? Have you broken any of them yet? I did something a little different this year. I set what I call intentions. Saying that I intend to do something makes it seem […]