Connecting Your Brain to Your Body

Ummm….isn’t your brain already connected to your body? Well yes. And no. What I mean is that it could be better connected than it is. Your body and your brain could work together more and more easily. It probably wouldn’t stop you from walking into walls, but it can help you remember things better. So […]

Hyperactivity: Move to Think

You’ve got to watch this; it’s adorable! (If you don’t see a screen, refresh. I’ve been having trouble with it.) When my son Andy was in middle school, I discovered something about him and also about me. We think better when we move. When he had to do a written report, he would walk around […]

Learning to Prioritize

Did you know that we ADD Moms have trouble prioritizing? It’s true. We have a hard time deciding which of the 4,632 things we have to do is the most important because we don’t have a very good filtering system that helps us figure that out. Or sometimes we want to wait until we can […]

5 Minutes Here and There

Lately I’ve been on an organizing mission. I don’t know what motivated me to do it, other than maybe the frustration of dealing with messy places. What I’ve discovered is that organizing doesn’t have to be a big project and that you don’t have to do it all at once. Last week, for instance, I […]

New Ways to Use the Camera on Your Phone

Sure, you can take selfies and pictures of your kids and pets all day, but are there any practical uses for your cell phone camera? As it turns out, there are several. Take a photo of your prescription bottles. If you have to fill out a form or need to know what you take, the […]

Spring Cleaning

This past weekend, in the midst of yet another snowstorm, I started spring cleaning. Yep. Nothing big. I started with our spice cupboard and moved on to a few other things from there. Now you know how we need to be motivated to do something – we have to be in the mood to do […]