New Ways to Use the Camera on Your Phone

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Sure, you can take selfies and pictures of your kids and pets all day, but are there any practical uses for your cell phone camera?

As it turns out, there are several.

Take a photo of your prescription bottles. If you have to fill out a form or need to know what you take, the information is right there.

If you have a strong, password protected program on your phone to store sensitive information, you can also take a picture of your credit and debit cards so that you will have the information if they get stolen. Also good for your insurance cards and license plates.

If you add an app to your phone, you can take a picture of a business card and have it automatically added to your contacts. Some are monthly subscriptions, others are free.

When you go to the mall, take a picture of the entrance that you used so that when you are ready to leave, you know where to go. You can do the same thing in a parking garage.

Taking a picture of an item of clothing can tell you the size, style, and manufacturer, helping you match the item or find another one like it. Or buy someone a gift.

Taking a picture of a recipe can help you find the ingredients you need when you go to the grocery store.

If you’re the forgetful type 😉 you can take a picture of your to do list so that you will have it if you are out and about and need to remember something. You can also take a pic of the tracking number on a package or letter so that you will have it if you need to track it.

Need to copy something like someone’s notes or a recipe? Take a picture. It’s easier than writing it all down and faster too. You can use your phone’s zoom capability to zoom in to read it if you want, or email it to yourself so that you can print it. Note: if what you are taking a picture of is typed rather than hand written, there are also apps available that will convert the picture to a text document.

And finally, not one that we like to think about, but safety first. If you are going to the zoo or somewhere with a little one, take a picture of them at the entrance to the park. That way, if they get lost, you have a current picture of what they look like and what they are wearing. Take more pictures throughout the day. Not only are they great keepsakes, but you will also have a record of where you were and who was around you.

What do you use your camera for besides pictures?

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  1. Some new ideas I will start using for sure. My hubby manages our shared calendar, so I take a pic of doctor appointment cards then text it to himself he can add the details. It’s all about finding what works and working around weaknesses.