Are You Sure It’s ADHD?

Did you know that there are other conditions with symptoms similar to ADHD? And that it’s not uncommon for some of them to occur along with ADHD? Confusing, huh? If you’re having trouble with your ADHD symptoms or feel that your treatment just isn’t enough, you might want to take a look at the list […]

Where to Begin?

The calendar says it’s spring and the weather has gotten moderately better. The phrase “spring cleaning” comes to mind. Note that it doesn’t necessarily inspire me to action, but… Anyway, as I do my thing around the house, I have begun to notice things that could use some attention: The cupboard with my plastic ware […]

NuroFocus: An Update

Recently I did a post about NuroFocus. I reviewed the product and generally had good things to say about it. After another week and more research, I just wanted to update you on a few things that I’ve learned and experienced. First of all, my review is still positive. As I said, the effects are […]

What’s Wrong with Putting Yourself First?

Last weekend, I asked a serious question on Facebook: Serious question here: why do most women fail to take care of themselves? We put ourselves last, ignore our needs; why? Truly trying to make some sense of this. Comments welcome! I got some interesting answers, most of them similar to one another. Here are a […]

NuroFocus: An Herbal Solution for ADHD

For the past week, I have been testing an herbal product for ADHD called NuroFocus. Disclaimer: I was given a 30 day supply for free to evaluate, but the opinions expressed here are mine.NuroFocus is produced here in the US by a company called NuAxon in affiliation with a company in India. Dr. A. Shrikrishna […]

Why Feedspot is Perfect for People with ADHD

Have you heard of Feedspot? Feedspot is an easy and simple way to keep up with all of your favorite websites in one place. It’s sort of like a reader but bigger and better. And I think it’s perfect for those of us with ADHD because there’s just so much information out there and Feedspot […]