4 Tips to Help Until I Can Think Again

4 Tips to Help Until I Can Think Again

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4 Tips While We Wait for My Brain

This post goes against all of the official rules in Bloggerdom, or Bloggertown or whatever Google calls it, but until I can think again (clearly, this time) it will have to do, Google or not.

(We bloggers have rules that search engines like Google give us to follow so that when we write a post, people like you, who are looking for something, can find it. This sort of blows that all up. Sorry.)

The Short Story

I am still sick, from the aforementioned spring cleaning nonsense.4 Tips to Help Until I Can Think Again

I was shocked to find it had only been a matter of five days or so.

I am not up to doing a full post as I would normally do – my brain just isn’t thinking clearly enough.

The other day, I went looking for the cause of the running water I kept hearing.

Turns out you should turn the faucets off when you get done washing your hands.

Good to know.

That’s not one of the tips, by the way.

Although my email subscribers got it as one of theirs.

4 Random Tips that will Hopefully Help Until I Can Think Again

So, with no rhyme or reason, 4 tips:

  1. What you put into your body affects your brain and the way in which it does or does not function. Case in point: vodka. So, good nutrition means better brain function. I could write a lot about this (and have, and will) but for now, I’ll give you the highlights. Lean protein at every meal, hydration (water) all through the day, and go for color. The more color a food has (Cheetos don’t count), the better it is for your brain, generally speaking.
  2. I’m one of those women who carries a big purse. My friends tease me about it, but I like what I like. One of the things I do with every bag I carry is designate a place for my keys. If my keys are not in the ignition, then they are in my purse. There are no alternatives, no pockets, no left somewhere. They are in my purse. Not only that, they are in a specific place in my purse. I do not ever want to be one of those women digging through her purse looking for something. Yes, of course it’s happened to me, but I can do all I can to prevent it first. So, my current bag – a backpack – has side pockets and an obvious front. Keys are in the side pocket closest to me. (There’s no easy way to explain this.) If a purse looks the same on both sides, I’ll buy a cute little charm or keychain or something to hang on one side. My keys will be dropped down into my purse on that side of the bag.
  3. If you forget it, you tie it to a habit or put it on a schedule. You’ve heard me say this a hundred times. I am notorious for killing plants. As my friend and neighbor JayDee has pointed out, you do have to water them now and then. So my houseplants are on a schedule now. Sunday is watering day. It’s also gather up all the garbage day because Monday is when the trash gets picked up.
  4. You know that clutter in your home affects your productivity and even your mood, but did you know that the way you decorate has an effect on your ADHD too? It’s something I plan on writing more about here on An ADD Woman, but for now, let’s go with this: sometimes the way you decorate can be as cluttered as a messy room. Picture a room with ruffles everywhere – on the curtains, the pillows, the skirts of the furniture. There are pictures and doilies and knick knacks everywhere. All tastefully arranged, but still, a “more is more” look. Could you function in a room like that? I couldn’t – for long. Now I’m sure that your home is nothing like the one I described, but think about the rooms you might feel frustrated or unproductive in – how do they look?

Your Turn

Help my poor old sick brain out.

Leave a comment and share one of your tips!

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