Have you ever done one of those pie chart exercises, where you’re supposed to put in all the things in your life, like work, family, me time, exercise, etc? You know how they’re all supposed to be about the same, so that you’re living a “balanced” life? Ha!

First of all, everyone knows you live most of your life at work, so already the pie is out of whack. Everything else has to get crammed into what’s left.

From what I’ve heard, each day is supposed to be balanced, so that everything gets equal attention.

It’s a nice concept, but not do-able, especially if you have Attention Deficit Disorder.

We’re already distracted enough as it is, without asking us to make sure to spend equal time on 5 or 6 areas of our life every day.

Obviously, you have to work, and you want to spend time with your family. Those have to be maintained most days. But the rest, while important, works better on a slower pace.

So let’s start slicing pie:

Does that make sense? I found out that it did for me. If I have an extra 3 hours in the day, I have found that I get way more done by focusing on one thing at a time instead of several.

So if I have a new project, I’ve found that spending all of my 3 hours one day on it gets me much more results than splitting those same hours between 5 or 6 different things.

Your life can still be balanced. Just weekly, not daily.

Tell me what you think!

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