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If you are an ADD Mom, chances are you may have an ADD Student in your household.

If you do, you know how challenging school can be for kids with ADHD. Or maybe you struggled yourself when you were in school. I graduated with good grades, but I still remember the obstacles that my ADD put in my way.

Shire Pharmaceuticals has been offering scholarships to students with Attention Deficit Disorder since 2011, and they are taking applications now for 2013.

According to Mike Yasick, Senior Vice President of Shire’s Behavioral Health Business Unit,

“This scholarship allows Shire to recognize and support the individuals who work hard to overcome the challenges of ADHD, and help them continue their educational pursuits.”

There are a number of things that are really wonderful about this scholarship, besides the fact that it’s aimed at ADD Students.

    Shire is awarding 50 one time scholarships.

    The scholarships can be used for college, vocational or technical schools.

    The scholarship also includes weekly sessions with a coach from the Edge Foundation. This is the best part of all. It’s one thing to help a student with the cost of tuition and books, but offering them coaching sessions gives them a real chance at success. The coach can help them set and meet goals and keep them on track. The value of this service alone is priceless.

The deadline to apply is March 27, 2013. Don’t wait. Do it now! You can find out more and apply at this site.

And for more information about the Edge Foundation, go to their site.

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