An ADD Moment

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Last week I had an ADD moment. You know, one of those moments when you do something so, well, dumb, that you can’t believe you did it?

Well, last week, I turned my cell phone off and told my family not to call me on it because I was at the end of my minutes. I don’t use the phone a lot, and I have a minimal number of minutes that I pay for each month. I hate going over because it costs so much and messes up my budget.

I was actually quite angry at the cell phone company because I had almost two weeks left before my month was up, and it didn’t seem as though I had used the phone that much.

This past Monday, I had to pick my daughter up at the train station, and since it’s kind of far away and it was at night, I brought my phone with me just in case. While I was waiting, I turned it on and decided to check my account.

That’s when I realized that I had two thirds of my minutes still left before the end of the month.

How did I get the idea that I was out of minutes? Beats me. It’s an ADD thing.

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