Calmigo: Drug Free Relief for Anxiety

Calmigo_ Drug Free Relief for Anxiety

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Note: This is a review and I was provided a Calmigo device in order to do the review. All opinions are 100% my own.


Calmigo: What is It?

Calmigo is a small, discrete device that helps you regulate your breathing in order to help you manage stressful or anxious moments without drugs.

It has a scent pad that provides a subtle pleasant aroma as you use it, a series of small lights that light up as you breathe, and some little beads inside that make a noise as you’re breathing in.

All together, it incorporates 4 of your 5 senses while in use.Calmigo_ Drug Free Relief for Anxiety

It looks much like an inhaler for asthma, and I imagine most people who saw you use one would think that’s exactly what it was. In fact, if anyone asked, you could truthfully say it’s to help your breathing.

Before I Review Anything

I don’t do a great deal of review on this blog, and if you look, you might notice that the majority of them are positive.

That’s because I do my research before I agree to review something.

I check out their website, their claims, the science or proof behind what they say, and I look for other reviews before I agree to try something and pass it on to you.

Obviously, Calmigo passed my pre-tests with flying colors.

The company was founded by Adi Wallach, as a response to her own struggles with anxiety. She also has an M.D. and a physiologist/neuroscientist on her team, who helped her to develop this product.

Panic and Anxiety

If you’ve ever experienced anxiety or a full blown panic attack, you know that your breathing becomes irregular. You are either breathing rapid, shallow breaths, or not breathing at all.

One of the keys to getting the attack under control is to control your breathing.

I have anxiety, and I have experienced panic attacks numerous times. I am aware that I should regulate my breathing, I’ve done the exercises (sometimes called square breathing), and yet, in the moment, all I can think about is what’s causing the panic.

No one nearby urging me to breathe is really any help. It takes a lot of effort (on someone else’s part) to talk me through it and calm me down.

And yes, I have medication, but that takes time to work.

If the attack happens in public, it’s ten times worse. I don’t like attention to begin with, and this just adds to the stress.

How Calmigo Works

Calmigo runs on 2 AAA batteries and fits easily (and really comfortably) into the palm of your hand.

It has a soft cover (it feels like silicone) that protects it and keeps the mouthpiece covered.

If you need to use it, you remove the cover and turn it on. You will see a yellow light indicating that it is powered on.

Then you just place your mouth around the mouthpiece and breathe.

You hold the Calmigo at a slight upwards angle and breathe. (In the video, the woman is holding the device at a more severe angle than I do; I would say do what’s comfortable.)

At first, you may be breathing hard or hardly at all. That’s OK. The Calmigo is there to help you with that.

The first thing that you will note is a subtle, clean scent. This is from the scent pad attached to the Calmigo. It is designed to activate mechanisms within your brain to help you relax. (I was actually expecting an essential oil like lavender, but this is nice too.)

There are 3 small blue lights that you will be able to see in your peripheral vision; they will light up one by one as you breathe.

You will also hear some small beads inside the device reacting to your exhalation. If you’ve ever taken a breathing test, you know what I’m talking about.

I believe that I read somewhere in the literature that you should use Calmigo for about 3 minutes, and that it’s supposed to vibrate when you’re done.

Every time I’ve tried it – and these were during moments of anxiety, not panic attacks – I was able to calm down much sooner.

I did try once to last the 3 minutes but never experienced the vibration.

My thoughts are that you use it as long as you need it.

My Pros and Cons

Overall, I like Calmigo and will continue to use it.

It’s small and discrete, and it fits perfectly in my hand. I’ve used it countless times since I got it. (I wish that this was something that I could have given my daughter to try; her panic attacks were so much worse.)

I was a little put off by the scent at first, because it was so strong, but it was straight out of the package and was fine a minute or so later.

You know that I am all for anything natural, and the research behind this seems solid.

I also like the fact that the company is veteran owned and operated and works with the VA to provide these devices to veterans who need them.

My only concern is the price, which actually isn’t too bad, when you consider the price of fitness accessories like bands that count your steps and heart rate.

The Calmigo is priced at $179.20, with a 10% discount if you sign up for their emails. That brings it down to just over $160.00.

When you consider the price you may be paying for anti-anxiety medications, it might well be worth it.

Be sure to check out the website; there is a wealth of information there.

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