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One of the good things about having ADHD is your sense of creativity. Our brains function differently and allow us to see things and make connections that others don’t. From that perspective can come amazing and beautiful things.

Being creative can take many forms. You may express it by knitting, painting, playing music, baking, or the way you decorate your home.

When you come to my house, you are led from the driveway to the front door by red and white stars that I painted on the sidewalk and the porch. That’s your first sign that someone creative lives there. 🙂

Allowing yourself to express your creative side on a regular basis is good for you and should be part of your normal routine. Giving yourself permission to draw, journal, or paint stars on your sidewalk isn’t selfish or frivolous, it’s necessary.

Expressing yourself creatively lets the right side of your brain come out and play – something it sorely deserves after trying most days to conform to a left brained world.

Creating something for the sheer pleasure of it is relaxing and lets the real essence of who you are shine. It’s important to hold on to the woman that you are without letting the mom role overshadow you completely. You will always be mom, but you are other things too.

Be a little more you today and everyday.

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Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle is the writer of and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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