Dealing with Mild Anxiety

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Today I have been struggling with mild anxiety; you know, the constant worrying kind.

I’m stressed because I’ve spent days playing phone tag with the insurance adjuster and I’m afraid that he will just show up without warning. I am not the person to talk to about this particular matter and I’m not comfortable with it.

I spent far too much time today pacing back and forth and looking out the window.

Finally I decided to take charge of the situation in order to try and deal with my anxiety rationally.

Here’s what I did:

I started by examining the problem.

Could I prevent the adjuster from coming unannounced? No. In truth, he is most likely too professional to just show up at someones doorstep.

What if he does show up? Answer the door and deal with it. I don’t have the answers to the questions he will most likely ask – which is stressing me out a lot. But there’s nothing wrong with pointing out that an appointment was needed so that the person best able to answer those questions would be available. So please come back, and let us know in advance. Done.

OK, so that didn’t calm me down right away (although I feel much better having written that down), so I said a short prayer. Literally, please help me with this anxiety. Prayer never hurts.

Then I had a small piece of chocolate. Hey, it works sometimes. 🙂

Finally, I went outside in the back and sat on the deck. I love sitting on my deck, especially on such a beautiful day. I listened to the birds and enjoyed the sun and the breezes.

I started thinking about my garden and what I would do to spruce up the deck this year. And I soaked up some vitamin D courtesy of the sun.

Sharing this all with you wasn’t intended to be part of the treatment, but it seems to have worked.

Hey – you’re a therapist now. I’ll be expecting your bill. 🙂

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