Let’s start with a small science lesson, shall we?

You know of course that your ADHD is centered around your brain. Because you have ADHD, your brain functions differently than brains who do not have ADHD.

You have neurotransmitters in your brain; these chemicals transport information in your brain and body.

Dopamine is one of these neurotransmitter chemicals. It is responsible for learning, understanding, and movement. It also helps with focus and depression.

There are a number of ways to help increase dopamine levels in your brain:

How Something You've Never Heard of Can Help Your ADHD

Here are 5 categories of foods that can help add l-tyrosine to your body, which will help increase your dopamine levels:

Whether you choose to use a supplement, change your diet, or a little of both, you might find it worthwhile to increase your body’s l-tyrosine levels.

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