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Productivity is a real buzz word for me. I’m always looking for new, better ways to be more productive. I never feel as though I ever get enough done in a day.

But when you’ve got ADHD, you’re bound to have days when “non-productive” defines who you are.

Last Friday was one of those days for me. I had all sorts of plans for the day, beginning with an early morning appointment. Now, those of you who follow me on Twitter know that you can often find me there at all hours of the night. (One of my favorite messages was from someone who asked “What are all you motherly type ADDers doing up at this ungodly hour?) Getting up early is not for me.

Now as you know, lack of sleep can severely affect your ADHD symptoms, depending on how much sleep you’ve actually gotten. I think I ended up with about 4 hours worth that night, which meant that I was completely out of it the next day.

All of plans just basically went out the window that day. Nothing got done, other than the grocery shopping, which is sort of mindless anyway.

The reason I’m telling you all this is because those days happen to all of us, despite our best intentions. And the best thing you can do when they happen is to give in to them. Give in to your ADHD. Forget productivity. Try being creative in whatever way you create, or not. Just take a lazy day and accept it for what it is.

Now if you have to work that day, I understand that taking the day to do nothing might not be acceptable. Instead, can you find a way to vary your routine or do something different? Maybe you can at least do some work that takes less brain power. Do the best you can to get through the day.

Sometimes, though, you’ve got the opportunity to give in to your ADHD, and when you do, you definitely should take it. Those ADD days are telling you that something’s not right. It may be as simple as not enough sleep, or your junk food diet lately. It may be a sign of stress, especially if you’re having lots of ADD days.

Take the time to check in with yourself and your life and see what’s going on. Fix what you can, don’t stress about what you can’t, and once in a while, give in.

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Lacy Estelle is the writer of and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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  1. I can’t tell you how many times I read your posting and it rings home for me! I am so happy I found your blog, it reminds me not to give in to the shame I sometimes feel for being different and having ADHD. It’s just how my brain works…and it’s ok! Thank you!