How Do You Know You Have ADHD?

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My husband is a big Dr. Oz fan. I just happened to be in the room a few minutes ago when Dr. Oz did a promo for tomorrow’s program. Its about how you can tell if you have ADHD.

That’s actually a good question.

How did you know that you had ADHD? Did you figure it out yourself? Did someone say something to you? Were you diagnosed? And if you were, how old were you?

You may know that I first began studying ADHD almost 30 years ago when I realized that my son probably had it. He was about a year and a half old then – much too young for a diagnosis. He’s 28 now.

My son was diagnosed by our doctor when he was 10 years old. My daughter Sarah was evaluated for learning disabilities about 6 months later at age 12. Thats when we both found out that we had ADHD. I was 40.

Isn’t that funny? All those years of studying ADHD and I still need a doctor to tell me I have it.

So let’s say you’re not sure if you have ADHD or not. How do you know? And where do you begin?

Well if you have problems with things like focusing and paying attention – and that’s all the time, not just when you’re bored – that might be a sign that you could have ADHD. Do you have trouble managing your time or keeping things organized? That might be a sign too.

The fact that you are here reading this kind of says something too.

But if you’re going to spend money to go to a doctor for a diagnosis, here’s what I would do first:

If everything you’re reading sounds like you, then it may be time for a formal diagnosis. If you can, see a psychiatrist for the most complete exam. Psychologists, certain social workers and doctors can also diagnose ADHD. Look for a specialist in your area if you can.

And always, keep learning.

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