How to Make a Healthy Meal in a Flash

Healthy Meal in a Flash An ADD Woman

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How Much Time Do You Have?

Not enough, right?

Especially if you work outside the home.

And you Super Women who have a job and kids and take care of the house and a million other things (my daughter Sarah and my niece Heather are a couple of Super Heroes) – well, I don’t know how you do it.Healthy Meal in a Flash An ADD Woman

But I’ve got one way to make your life easier today, at least when it comes to putting food on the table.

It’s called an Instant Pot, and it’s amazing.

The Instant Pot Thing

If you’ve been on Pinterest at all, you must have seen Pins about the Instant Pot.

And I know some people call it a pressure cooker (scary) and some call it a slow cooker (and I think it can be), but really, you just don’t realize all the things that you can do with it.

I admit, I’m still learning. I got mine around Christmas time (I love buying presents for myself), and I really haven’t tried that many different kinds of things with it, but I love it anyway.

One of my big things has always been healthy food. I firmly believe that it can help with your ADHD symptoms, but besides that, it’s just good for you.

An Instant Pot will let you get dinner done in no time and it will be healthy, too.

The other day, I used it to brown a pork loin, then switched the setting from sauté to meat, and 20 minutes later, I had dinner! (I made a Filipino dish called Pancit with it.)

And before that, we tried coq au vin. Basically chicken thighs and legs marinated in white wine and cooked with some vegetables. The linked recipe is not exactly like the one I made – no tomato sauce and white wine instead of red. And I bought those cute little 4 packs of individual servings of wine so I could save the rest for the next time.

Say “cocoa van”. Fancy.

It was so good, no one complained when I served it the next night, too.

Oh, and I made mashed potatoes to go with it. (I was feeling Betty Crockerish that day.) 20 minutes in the Instant Pot and I had cooked potatoes!


Think of the Possibilities!

OK. You get home from work.

There are chicken thighs marinating in the fridge. (White wine and thyme for coq au vin.)

Put your purse down, kick off your shoes, and throw the chicken in the Instant Pot with your veggies, which you’ve also prepped:

  • Buy pre-sliced mushrooms
  • Give some baby carrots a chop or two
  • Buy a bag of pre-diced onions in the freezer section
  • Buy some pre-cooked bacon or make it over the weekend and hide a few slices

Set the Instant Pot and go change into some comfy clothes.

In about half an hour, you’ve got a delicious meal waiting for you.

You (and your family) could get used to this!


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