Do You Want to Save Money and Make Life Easier?

save money, make life easier an add woman

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Did I Hear a Yes?

Of course!

Who wouldn’t want to make life easier and save money while they were doing it?

And it’s so easy, you won’t believe you haven’t already thought of this!

What’s the secret?save money, make life easier an add woman

Subscription services.

The emphasis here is on the service, not subscription. I mean, these are subscriptions, but not to magazines, but services.

Tell Me More

You can get subscription services for almost anything these days, and usually at better prices than you can get at the store. Plus you’re eliminating that whole using gas while driving to the store buying stuff you didn’t need thing.

For instance, who doesn’t love Target? They seem to be the only store that carries the only dog food that our dog Lizzie will eat. Sometimes it’s a pain to have to drive to Target to get it when she needs it. (We’ve only had 1 car for the 3 of us to drive for 6 months – see Facebook – so my trips out of the house are few and far between.)

I’ve checked other subscription services, like those made especially for pets, but Target still has the best price. And with the subscription, I get free shipping, 5% off, and I get to choose when it gets delivered.

Target is also great for other products you use regularly: soap, paper towels, detergent, you name it. And the prices are very competitive. (I’ve been using Grove for a couple of years, but Target’s prices are almost identical.)

Amazon has a program called Dash. It’s a button that you purchase for $4.99 for products that you use often, like detergent or paper towels.

There is a separate button for each product. You put the button near where you use the product, and when you find you are running low on it, you just push the button. You can also use the virtual button on your Amazon app.

The button automatically sends an order to Amazon, and you get your product in a day or two. Your first purchase refunds the $4.99, making the button free.

You can also do this with groceries. Even in my little podunk part of the world the stores offer free shopping and delivery.

My daughter has been using this service from her Kroger store for months and loves it. No complaints, other than the time she meant to order 1 bunch of bananas and got 1 banana.

Why Aren’t You Doing This?


We read all the time about ways to save time and money and make our lives easier, and yet, we never put them into place.

Why is that?

What are you afraid of?

Each of these services are free and can be canceled at any time. Amazon even has a system in place in case your Dash button gets pushed accidentally.

You’ll be spending less money in the long run, you’ll know ahead of time how much it is so you can budget for it, and you’re still allowed to go to Target if you want to.

No one will stop you. I promise.*

*I have no control over your husband.

Need another reason?

Signing up for subscription services helps you make less decisions, which saves your brain. Really.


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