Making and Keeping Appointments

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I have a busy week this week.

Today I had to take the dog to the vet, tomorrow I get my hair cut, and on Wednesday I get my teeth cleaned.

Now you know how we ADDers are about appointments.

Getting your teeth cleaned, for instance, is usually every 6 months.

That means that you either

    a) make the appointment for 6 months from now while you are at the dentist and then you forget it 6 months from now, or
    b) you decide to wait until the 6 months are up before making the appointment and it ends up being 8 or 9 months before you do.

Personally I prefer to make my appointments in advance. I’ve lived with way too many grown out hair styles to trust myself to make the appointment when I need it.

So how do I remember those appointments when they are almost here?

I used to use a planner or write them on the calendar on the kitchen wall.

The planner idea only works if you use the planner consistently throughout the year. My Lifeskills Planner has a built in feature that prompts you to check the coming week on Sunday, so that would help. If you use it.

The kitchen wall calendar works well most of the time. But think about times like this week. Wednesday is February 1st and I have a dental appointment.

What happens if I wake up Wednesday morning and forget to turn the page? It happens.

Or what happens if I remember to turn the page, but I woke up late and my appointment is in 20 minutes?

Here’s how I make and keep my appointments:

    I schedule my next appointment while I am still there, even if it is 6 months in advance.

    I get a reminder card from the dentist or whoever I am seeing.

    When I get home, I add the appointment to my Cozi calendar. I like Cozi for a number of reasons: it’s free, it’s online so I can access it anywhere, and they send me a weekly summary of my calendar so I always

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