Meditate in Color

Meditate in Color

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When my son Andy was 2 he witnessed our German Shepherd Lucy get run over by a truck. He didn’t cry or seem to understand, but I was worried about how it might affect him, so I asked my daughter’s pre-school teacher for advice.

She told me to buy some paper and watercolors and let him paint to his heart’s content.

He went through over 500 pieces of paper and 2 sets of watercolors. The initial pages he painted were black and red – very dark. But as he continued to paint, he began to use more colors and the pictures lightened up.

One day he was just done with it and he never really went back to it.

I am firmly convinced that his painting therapy helped him although I can’t prove it.

Art therapy has been used for a long time, mostly with children, but lately there is a new thing on the market: adult coloring books.

Meditate in Color

That picture above represents less than half of the colored pens and markers I own. I use them for everything, but I haven’t tried the coloring books.

Coloring for adults can be a stress reliever, a sort of meditation.

Spending some quiet, enjoyable moments coloring absorbs your right brain – the one with the monkeys – and lets your left brain just be. It can be very relaxing and also good for you.

As ADDers, we tend to be creative people. A coloring book of your own might be just what you need. And then go out and have some fun buying colored pens, pencils, and markers. Or maybe you want the big 64 count box of crayons?

If you would like to give coloring a try, here are some places for free printable pages:

Happy coloring!

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