1 Tip That Will Help You Get More Done

1 Tip That Will Help You Get More Done

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Who doesn’t like to get more done? Right?

But when you have ADHD you can often get to the end of the day feeling as though you accomplished nothing.

That may or may not be true, but it is how we feel, more often than not.

Now there are a lot of ways that you can be more productive, but rather than overwhelming you with a long list, I’m just going to talk about one.

1 Tip That Will Help You Get More Done

It’s called batching and this is how it works: you take a bunch of similar tasks and do them all one after the other.

Here are some examples:

  • I might take an hour or so and start 10 or so posts to be written. I fill in the title of the post and maybe some notes and save it. This makes it much easier for me to sit down and write when I get a chance.
  • Speaking of writing, I can do the same thing when it comes to actually writing the posts. Write several at a time and schedule them to be published on the proper day.
  • If I’m running errands, I try to get as many done as I can. We don’t live near much of anything, so it makes sense and saves gas to get them all done in one afternoon.
  • If you can get into the groove of it – I never remember to do it – when you’re making a meal that might freeze well, make double and freeze one. This is a great idea for the upcoming holiday season. On busy days just pop it into the oven – or even better – the crockpot.
  • When I clean house, I do one of the same thing all over the house. If I’m getting out the rags and the furniture polish, I’m going to do the whole house, or at least one floor. It may seem inefficient going from one room to the other, but I don’t think so. I get out the supplies once instead of many times, and I save a little money because after a while, the rag has enough polish on it that I don’t need to add more.
  • Phone calls are another way of batching, especially if they’re business related calls. Although it would also make perfect sense to take a leisurely afternoon and get in touch with all of your friends in one day.

Get the idea?

What can you think of that you can batch?

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