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You make all kinds of friends when you’re online, and Billie is one of my newest friends. She has agreed to share her knowledge of Naturopathic medicine with us, particularly in terms of vitamins. This is the first in the series.

From Billie:
I practiced as a doctor of Naturopathic medicine for over twenty years. I have extensive knowledge on the body and have written
several articles on some of the main health issues and questions I have seen over the years. I specialize in the modalities such as:
nutrition, supplements, physical medicine (includes soft tissue manipulative therapy, physiotherapy, sports medicine, exercise and

I am a World renowned Native American Psychic and have been working as a Clairvoyant advisor for over 25 years. I receive messages that changes lives! I believe in giving quality readings without breaking the bank. Cherokee Billie DNM

The Most Basic Vitamin Needed

Assimilation of nutrients is vital. Most foods and vitamins are not absorbed into the bloodstream; our bodies no longer contain the elements necessary for assimilation. This is due to aging, processed foods, illnesses, drug usage, and lifestyles. Most people do not assimilate their foods from the time they are children, which leads to deprivation of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

The key to all vitamin needs is assimilation. This can best be obtained through enzymes. Enzymes must be present in the stomach and digestive tract for complete digestion of foods and supplements. Without enzymes proper assimilation does not take place. Enzymes are present in certain foods, but it is not enough for digestion.

The only way to increase enzymes in the stomach area is by supplementation. An enzyme in the form of dietary supplements is one of the best insurance’s for proper nutrition.

With proper assimilation through enzymes you can magnify the effects of other vitamins and supplements. Any vitamin you consume multiplies in strength and intensity with enzymes present in the stomach. Perhaps you have not been getting all you expected from your vitamins; the key reason could be lack of enzymes in your stomach. So start considering adding enzymes to your vitamin program.

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