An AD/HD Solution for Disappearing Days

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Have you ever had one of those non-stop days when you ran from here to there, busy all day, and yet had nothing to show for it at the end? I bet you have. I’ve had way too many of those days myself.A while back I talked about some of the reasons we have those kinds of days: we don’t have any structure to our days, we expect to accomplish too much in a day, and we don’t allow enough time to do what we need.As I said, those are some of the reasons; there are more. For instance, we don’t know how to plan our days. What do you have to do today? What can wait? What’s urgent? When we look for a way to help us make these decisions, we often turn things like day planners or to-do lists, which don’t often work. Here’s why: for the most part, day planners, to-do lists, and other planning methods are created by people who don’t have ADD. They don’t know how our brain works or what we have trouble with, and so they can’t really begin to address our problems in a manner that’s meaningful for us.To-do lists in particular are overwhelming for us unless they are very short. There are too many things on the list, with no clear place to begin. We freeze, afraid of making a move for fear it’s the wrong one.I read something the other day about a system based on David Allen’s Getting Things Done. I think it’s a wonderful solution for people with ADD. You can read about the whole system here.

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Lacy Estelle is the writer of and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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