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You know, as ADDers, we tend to struggle with our self esteem. It’s hard not to when you face the kinds of challenges we face on a daily basis.

I think many of us live with a negative voice running through our head, evaluating everything we do or say and pointing out our mistakes and faults.

Did you forget an appointment, or get distracted and arrive late? Were you not paying attention to someone until you realized that they had asked you a question and were waiting for an answer? Maybe you didn’t notice this morning when you got dressed and you wore 2 different socks or shoes to work. Or maybe you’re like my daughter Caitlin who once wore her slippers to work without noticing.

How long is that negative voice going to beat you up about that? And more importantly, how long are you going to let it?

And you know, it’s not just our ADD moments that the voice calls attention to. When you put on your makeup in the morning are you doing it to look a little bit nicer or are you doing it to cover something you perceive as ugly about yourself? What about when you do your hair or get dressed? Is it to look nice or to look not as bad? Or are you at the point where you don’t even try anymore?

I know that I am guilty of all of the above and I think it’s about time I made some changes. How can I show love to my family and friends if I can’t treat myself with kindness?

Can you imagine giving that voice inside your head a real voice? Picture yourself following someone you love around all day and night, making one negative comment after another about them. How would they feel?

I know – you’re saying I would never do that. It’s mean and it’s wrong and it would drag someone down faster than anything. No one deserves that kind of treatment!

Are you listening to yourself?

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Lacy Estelle is the writer of and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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