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I’m currently reading The Procrastinators Handbook by Rita Emmett. I got my copy at Barnes and Noble, but it’s available at most book stores.

I’m only a few pages into the book but I am already reaping benefits from it.

One of the things that Ms. Emmett says is that procrastination is a habit, not a personality trait. Didn’t you think that procrastination was just part of your ADHD? I know I did.

While it’s true that probably most of us with ADHD procrastinate, according to The Procrastinator’s Handbook, it’s a habit that can be unlearned.

You know we tend to put things off. We do it because they’re boring or unpleasant, or we find something more interesting to do instead, or just cause we plain don’t want to do it. Sometimes we put things off because they take so little time to do that we think, “Oh that only takes a couple of minutes. I’ll get to it sometime.” Except we never do.

I don’t know if you know this or not, but my dad moved in with us in early July. He’s 90 years old and legally blind. One of the things that he needed to do was to open a bank account here.

I took him to the bank several weeks ago but they wouldn’t open an account for him. Does he have a driver’s license? Let’s hope not, because he’s blind. What about some bills with the new address? Nope. It was a very frustrating experience.

Well that bank account thing has been hanging over my head since then. Got to get it done. Don’t want to.

Today my dad asked about it again.

So, remembering The Procrastinator’s Handbook and Ms. Emmett’s advice to just do it already cause you’ll feel so much better afterwards, I called the bank and had a nice chat with a very helpful person. Thank you, Amanda.

Tomorrow morning my dad goes in to sign the papers for his new account.

I feel better and he feels better and it’s done.

And you know what? It took about 15 minutes.

So I’m going to keep reading The Procrastinator’s Handbook and sharing what I learn with you.

Oh and that new coaching program I’m launching? You bet there’s going to be plenty of good information about beating procrastination in there.

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle is the writer of and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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