If your child attends public school, and you have had difficulties getting the school to provide proper accommodations for your child’s Attention Deficit Disorder, then Camille Tuutti-Winkler would like to talk to you. Ms. Tuutti-Winkler is a writer currently working on an article about alternative schooling options for children with AD/HD. The goal of the article is to educate parents about their options when the public school system fails their children. If you feel that you can help Ms. Tuutti-Winkler at all, please send an email to me, and I will forward it on to her. Please put DC in the subject line.

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  1. During the Olympics, Michael Phelps mother stated that she had a site for add or adhd as she was a principle at a school in Maryland and Michael was add. Is this the site or do you know what the site is? I have an interest in finding out because of a grandson who has been diagnosed adha and would like some help.

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