Why Can’t We Just Throw it Out?

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I have a story to tell you. I bet you’ll be able to relate.

My husband (who has ADHD) keeps a messy pile of “work clothes” on the floor of our bedroom. These are the clothes he uses to paint in or do other messy chores. Apparently they aren’t worth washing but he is willing to wear them several times while working. At some point he will finally decide to throw them away.

About 3 weeks ago we went shopping and he bought himself a new pair of shoes at DSW.


After he took the shoes out of the bag, he picked up his old work clothes and stuffed them into the bag to throw away.

Yay! Right?

Um, no. Not yet.

The bag full of clothes sat in the same place in the bedroom for a couple of weeks. Were they going to be thrown out or not?


Then suddenly a breakthrough!

The bag moved from the bedroom to the hall outside the bedroom. Oh this was progress. Yes! They were going in the trash!

Not so fast.

They sat in the hallway for at least a week. I swear.

Then last night (Sunday) the bag moved again. Right next to the front door. Monday is garbage day. Maybe……

OK so this morning I get up to find that the garbage has been taken to the curb but the DSW bag is still waiting patiently by the front door.

That’s when I conceded defeat and just took it out myself.

I know, I know. I could have done that a long time ago. But it was the principal of the thing.

And in case you wonder, this isn’t a rant about my husband and his shortcomings.


It’s just a simple question.

What is it about those of us with ADHD that makes us take so darn long just to throw something out?

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